At the age of only fifteen years old, after falling victim to many years of rejection, Stephan Botha found himself without an identity. He became bound by substance abuse and a lifestyle of fornication, desperately trying to fill the void in his heart.

When Stephan was nineteen years old, he encountered God in the most incredible way, whilst attending a revival meeting. He was instantly set free, delivered from many years of bondage and slavery. Immediately responding to the call of God on his life, Stephan began ministering to all those he came in contact with, seeing the blind healed from his first time praying for the sick.

God supernaturally connected Stephan with Prophet Leon du Preez, who since became his spiritual father. Prophet Leon nurtured and developed the gift of God which rested upon Stephan’s life, equipping him in the supernatural power of God and how to flow in the anointing, and to function more efficiently in the gift of healing.


Stephan began to operate in the gift of healing, ministering to people both nationally and internationally and saw thousands of miracles, signs and wonders. Together with Prophet Leon, Stephan played a role in bringing a nationwide revival to the country of Namibia, seeing over ten thousand children surrender their lives to Christ, being miraculously healed and completely set free.

After years of training under Prophet Leon du Preez, God confirmed that it was time for Stephan to begin his itinerant ministry, and to minister to the nations in the capacity which God had called him.

Stephan currently walks in a great gift of healing by the grace of God and believes in activating believers to walk in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He flows freely as the Holy Spirit leads him through the word of Knowledge accurately revealing medical conditions and sickness, as God reveals His desire to see His people healed. Stephan operates in the working of miracles which is evident in his life through the countless testimonies of miracles and healings as he ministers. Stephan has a passion to build up the body of Christ and equipping them to walk in their full identity.

Stephan Botha lives with his beautiful wife, Jackie Botha and their 3 children, Kian, Sophia and Joey in Cape Town, South Africa. This is where God called them to plant a local church called Encounter Church Cape Town. They believe in the supernatural power of God and it is their desire to see His kingdom advanced.